The Humane Society of Southern New Mexico is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization run by volunteers.  HSSNM strives to be a community resource for information on companion animal topics and for services to help animals in need.  HSSNM is active on a community and statewide level in efforts to improve outcomes for  homeless animals. 

We are a member-based organization working for the community at large. We welcome membership and committee participation from the interested public. New Board members are welcome. To download a Board and Committee application (PDF format), please clilck here.


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Make a difference in the lives of Dona Ana County companion animals. HSSNM has many volunteer positions available. Please look through the positions available, and click here to fill out the volunteer application form.

The Humane Society of Southern New Mexico is looking for volunteers to join its lifesaving network to help homeless animals and provide needed programs/services in education and community outreach.   Our most pressing volunteer needs at this time are:

  • foster families to provide temporary care for rescue or orphan animals awaiting placement in homes
  • care & socialization for kittens & cats with the HSSNM cat adoption program at PetSmart
  • adoption promotion of  HSSNM foster and rescue animals at PetSmart adoption events
  • pet help line call assistance and clerical help
  • humane education, outreach efforts, and service projects
  Volunteer roles available today

HSSNM continues to expand programs/services and needs volunteers to assist in all areas of lifesaving. We believe there is something for everyone! You can find the right role or project for yourself with the range and variety of volunteer opportunities available:


Foster Homes & Families Needed

Foster homes are always needed for animals as an alternative to the shelter and in response to calls from individuals with rescue or homeless animals.  Consider being a foster parent today by calling us for information. 

Help is always needed with advertising foster animals in news outlets.  Volunteers are also welcome and needed at monthly adoption events at PetSmart to assist and promote animals from HSSNM fosters .   



PetSmart Cat Adoptions

Volunteers are needed to assist with cat transportation, basic care and custodial needs, socialization and adoption counseling. Volunteers are needed for shifts to clean the living space or kitty condo areas at PetSmart where HSSNM cats are featured, and to provide basic care and socialization.  Volunteers also help provide information and assistance to prospective adopters who make inquiries during their volunteer shift.  See the Adoption page for photos of cats.


Special Adoptions

Special Adoption Events

Volunteers are needed to help with special adoption promotions held weekly at PetSmart and intermittently at other locations. See our Events page for date and times of these events.

Help Line

Pet Help Line/Office & Clerical Help

Volunteers are needed to answer calls on the pet help line.  Volunteers offer information to callers to assist with lost and found animals, for help with homeless/orphan animals,  and to provide references in response to questions about  health care and animal behavior, and other topics.  A resource guide with information is used as a reference.




Click on this link for information.

Volunteers are needed to help raise funds for HSSNM progrmas/services helping animals. We welcome people who want to help or lead small fundraisers like car washes, dog washes, bake sales, rummage sales, or other benefits. If you have a fundraising idea to share with us, please contact Jean Gilbert at jean@hssnm.org or 575-522-2529.


child reading a book

Diggity Dog Learning

Diggity Dog Learning is a literacy program for youth using themes and stories tied to character development that center on pet care, animal welfare topics, or nature and the environment. Weekly sessions are held in elementary school classrooms.

To volunteer please contact Jean Gilbert at jean@hssnm.org or 575-522-2529.

Connecting children to literature and humane principles through stories about animals and the environment is rewarding and fun. Consider volunteering in the DDL project and making a difference in the education and literacy of children.


Humane Education

Critter Connection

Volunteers are needed for humane education programs. Help is also needed with recruitment, training or mentoring of volunteers.

We currently work with the Las Cruces Boys and Girls Club, adult groups Tresco and Montana Meadows.  Please see the Programs page for information on humane education work.



Grant Writing

Our programs need financial support. Volunteers with grant writing experience are needed to apply for funding from identified and potential sources .


Board and Committee Positions

Board members are HSSNM members with interest in leadership of the organization.  Board members lead committees, build membership, seek funding sources, participate in HSSNM events, speak at community functions, and other roles.  The board is diverse and inclusive of individuals from all backgrounds and lifestyles.  Positive leadership traits and relationship skills are required for successful board service.  Board service is not a paid position but requires regular work and commitment. 

Committee members work on specific projects that promote animal welfare. HSSNM membership is not required for participation in committees or for volunteering.

To download a Board and Committee application (PDF format), please click here.

Call or Email

Call us at 523-8020 for an appointment or send an e-mail to mail@hssnm.org, or click here and fill out the volunteer application form.


Join the team!  Make it a Better Day!

Contact us at (575) 523-8020 or mail@hssnm.org to sign up for volunteer orientation. We can’t wait to hear from you!Click here for the online volunteer form.



Make a difference in the lives of Dona Ana County companion animals. HSSNM has many volunteer positions available. Please look through the positions available, and click here to fill out the volunteer application form.


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