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We're excited to announce that Raven, a formerly-feral and now extremely outgoing kitten has a loving family and a young human playmate as well as two resident kitties to play with! Raven has lots of companionship in her new home.

We're thrilled beautiful Sammy has a wonderful family with two loving mamas, human siblings (who volunteer in our adoption program at PetSmart) and a few resident pets who will keep her company and entertained!

HSSNM Cat Adoption Program and PetSmart Charities Partnership

From feral kittens to beloved family members, it's quite the fairy tale! Jenna and Francine were adopted together recently to a wonderful couple who adore them.

It's a match made in heaven for Sky pictured here with her human sister. She's living the good life with a loving family who cared for her on a foster-to-adopt trial basis and then made the adoption official!

Program Description

HSSNM's cat adoption partnership with PetSmart Charities has been ongoing since 2008, resulting in hundreds of adoptions of cats and kittens into caring, furrever homes! Authorized fosters care for felines in home environments and at the PetSmart store where adoptables are showcased in cat condos with volunteers providing continuous care and socialization.

HSSNM holds regular adoption events on Saturdays at PetSmart, featuring dogs and cats with breed/rescue groups and authorized individuals. Please contact Frank Bryce at 575-647-1416 or 523-8020 for date of next adoption event and information about HSSNM's foster-adoption program and volunteer opportunities.

Please see the Adoption page for photos of felines and other animals in our adoption program.


Hooray to Critter Connection Program Graduates! Learning Kindness w/Ambassadors!

Boys & Girls Club children in HSSNM's CRITTER CONNECTION program pose with ambassadors, educators and therapy dogs, during their "graduation" session at the club. The children received "KIND Kids" recognition cards and awards for their participation in the year-long humane education program. The Humane Society has led CC sessions at the B&G Club for 8 years, teaching pet care topics and owner responsibility.

Pictured with the children are CC educators (l-r): Rose Street with Beagle "Shira", Linda Small (CC & Club volunteer), Jean Gilbert (CC leader), Susan Sammis with Corgi "Nessa", and Hokie Wiley with Boxer "Georgie".

Bill Smith

Pet Help Line

The pet help line is an important HSSNM program and service to the community. Volunteers answer incoming calls from members of the public, responding to questions and concerns about animals. Volunteers offer information to callers to assist with lost and found animals, for help with homeless/orphan animals, and to provide references in response to questions about health care and animal behavior, and other topics. A volunteer handbook and an animal resource guide are used as references for information. Volunteer training and mentoring are provided.

Bill Smith, a HSSNM volunteer, answers calls for the pet help line and provides other services important to maintaining the office.


Cans 4 Critters

You can help animals in the community by donating aluminum cans to the Cans 4 Critters fund. It's easy to help! Just save your cans instead of throwing them away and call the Humane Society at 575-523-8020 or 575-522-2529 for pick-up or drop-off. Any amount of cans are accepted, no matter how small or large.

Proceeds from the reclamation of your cans are used as "chip-ins" for veterinarian costs to help pets with medical needs. The C4C project has raised $4,708.63 (through May 2016) and helped more than 100 animals since the fund began in 2011.

For more information and to learn about community service opportunities retrieving discarded aluminum cans with litter clean-ups, please contact C4C project coordinator Jean Gilbert at 575-640-6867 or jean@hssnm.org.




Pictured above: Linda Small, at right, is a regular volunteer & team leader with Jean Gilbert for B.F.F. project & Critter Connection programs.

Pictured below: B.F.F. project founder Jeri Desrochers & HSSNM educator Jean Gilbert hold book titles.

B.F.F - Books for Fur’ever Friends

“B.F.F” and “Fur’ever Friends” are titles we adopted with permission from Las Cruces artist Jeri Desrochers. She launched a “Books for Furever Friends” one-year project in 2015 and donated a sizeable number of animal welfare-themed books to HSSNM. We’ve not only continued the project, donating over 300 books to area schools- but we also offer books by way of presentations to classrooms.

Book topics include pet owner responsibility, canine-feline behavior and care, lost-found pets, safety around animals, spay-neuter awareness, and stories on the environment and nature. Titles include captivating stories and award-winning books such as Are You Ready For Me?, Buddy Unchained, Before You Were Mine, It’s Raining Cats, Mrs. Crump’s Cat, Pablo’s Puppy, Kamie Cat’s Terrible Night, and Stray Dog.

The objective of B.F.F. on-request sessions and Fur’ever Friends regular sessions are to instill the 3 R’s: reverence, respect, and responsibility by cultivating empathy for animals through stories and activities that build moral character. Service learning opportunities are also available to students and groups with litter clean-up projects through our “Cans 4 Critters” program, among other options.

For more information about B.F.F and Fur’ever Friends and how to volunteer or donate books, please email jean@hssnm.org or call 575-523-8020.

Pictured below: Jean Gilbert shows demo dog, stressing importance of pet identification, to Riverside Elementary students in Santa Teresa, NM. Co-leader Linda Small shared the presentation with songs and information.


"Spay Now" Campaign & Advocacy Work

“Spay Now” campaigns are ongoing advocacy work of the Humane Society, with low cost clinics held since 2012 in targeted zip code areas within the city of Las Cruces and underserved communities in Dona Ana County. These clinics have been made possible through generous PetSmart Charities grants awarded to HSSNM and the Coalition for Pets & People. Over 3,000 low cost spay-neuter surgeries have been performed during the past few years through PSC grants, with a large percentage of the surgeries for spays. For information about clinics, call 575-523-8020.

In cooperation with AWARE (Animal Welfare & Responsibility Education), HSSNM erected this billboard about community responsibility for animals through a "Spay Only-Spay First” campaign. The billboard currently stands on Amador Avenue near Miranda Street in Las Cruces.


Spay Now Billboard

HSSNM president Frank Bryce and Maryln Zahler, ex-officio, stand under the billboard when first displayed (2012) on Hwy 70.



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