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On the Positive Side: Momentum builds for spay-neuter efforts (Las Cruces Sun-News column 7/22/2016)

Seven years of fun for furry friends (Las Cruces Sun-News article 7/11/2016)

Animal interaction comes to NMSU (Las Cruces Sun-News article 7/10/2016)

On the Positive Side: Take the precaution of microchipping your pets (Las Cruces Sun-News column 7/8/2016)

On the Positive Side: National cat adoption trends are improving (Las Cruces Sun-News column 6/24/2016)

On the Positive Side: Response to spay/neuter events grows stronger (Las Cruces Sun-News column 6/10/2016)

On the Positive Side: Busy summer ahead for animal advocacy (Las Cruces Sun-News column 5/27/2016)

Shelter exports pets out of state (Las Cruces Sun-News article 5/18/2016)

On the Positive Side: Getting to the ‘Zero-in-7’ goal at animal shelter (Las Cruces Sun-News column 5/13/2016)

On the Positive Side: Visiting vet clinic makes dent in pet overpopulation (Las Cruces Sun-News column 4/29/2016)

On the Positive Side: Trap, Neuter, Return program sees expansion (Las Cruces Sun-News column 4/15/2016)

On the Positive Side: Free dog spay, neuter registrations this weekend (Las Cruces Sun-News column 4/1/2016)

On the Positive Side: Groups partner for fundraiser (Las Cruces Sun-News column 3/18/2016)

On the Positive Side: Immediate pet transport effort paying dividends (Las Cruces Sun-News column 3/4/2016)

On the Positive Side: End nears for grant that funds spay-and-neuter program (Las Cruces Sun-News column 2/19/2016)

Legal decision bars horse slaughter (Las Cruces Sun-News article 2/6/2016)

On the Positive Side: Cooperative spay, neuter picks up momentum (Las Cruces Sun-News column 2/5/2016)

On the Positive Side: Building on animal welfare advances (Las Cruces Sun-News column 1/22/2016)

Dog-chaining limitations take effect (Las Cruces Sun-News article 1/22/2016)

On the Positive Side: Mobile spay/neuter unit that is mostly idle should be used (Las Cruces Sun-News column 1/8/2016)

Czech Shepherds not yet adoptable (Las Cruces Sun-News article 1/8/2016)

Shelter seeks pet adopters: 3 dozen dogs taken from home (Las Cruces Sun-News article 1/7/2016)


On the Positive Side: Celebrate this year’s accomplishments (Las Cruces Sun-News column 12/25/2015)

On the Positive Side: Be sure to plan ahead before traveling - Make the holidays safer for your pet (Las Cruces Sun-News column 12/11/2015)

On the Positive Side: Cooperation among animal groups gets results (Las Cruces Sun-News column 11/13/2015)

On the Positive Side: Doña Ana County animal advocacy experiencing busy time (Las Cruces Sun-News column 10/16/2015)

On the Positive Side: Troubling animal welfare cases can have silver lining (Las Cruces Sun-News column 9/18/2015)

On the Positive Side: Humane Society expands its animal welfare service (Las Cruces Sun-News column 9/4/2015)

On the Positive Side: Pet advocates come together in Chaparral (Las Cruces Sun-News column 8/21/2015)

On the Positive Side: Pet help line is busy with calls for assistance (Las Cruces Sun-News column 8/7/2015)

On the Positive Side: ASCMV board lobbies to operate spay-and-neuter van (Las Cruces Sun-News column 7/24/2015)

DA will not pursue case against Vesco-Mock (Las Cruces Sun-News article 7/21/2015)

On the Positive Side: Cat colony management effort makes progress (Las Cruces Sun-News column 7/10/2015)

On the Positive Side: Spay and neuter clinics are scheduled in the area (Las Cruces Sun-News column 6/12/2015)

On the Positive Side: New facility to hold animals in legal proceedings (Las Cruces Sun-News column 5/29/2015)

On the Positive Side: State awards spay and neuter funds to Doña Ana County groups (Las Cruces Sun-News column 5/15/2015)

On the Positive Side: HSSNM welcomes new coalition leadership (Las Cruces Sun-News column 5/1/2015)

On the Positive Side: Coalition for Pets and People collaborates for the sake of animals (Las Cruces Sun-News column 4/17/2015)

On the Positive Side: Interagency cooperation is topic of impromptu ASCMV workshop (Las Cruces Sun-News column 4/4/2015)

On the Positive Side: Every day is an adventure with furry friends (Las Cruces Sun-News column 3/20/2015)

On the Positive Side: Community cat program moves forward (Las Cruces Sun-News column 3/6/2015)

On the Positive Side: It takes a village to advocate for chained animals (Las Cruces Sun-News column 2/20/2015)

On the Positive Side: Volunteers, pet owners, businesses team up for microchip event (Las Cruces Sun-News column 2/6/2015)

Senate panel advances bills to ban coyote-killing contests (Las Cruces Sun-News article 2/5/2015

On the Positive Side: Las Cruces community gets involved in dog rescue (Las Cruces Sun-News column 1/23/2015

On the Positive Side: Las Cruces community gets involved in dog rescue (Las Cruces Sun-News column 1/9/2015

On the Positive Side: 2015 promises opportunities for pets, people (Las Cruces Sun-News column 1/9/2015

Area pet organizations up the ante for 2015 (Las Cruces Sun-News article 1/3/2015)

Coyote carcasses found on west mesa (Las Cruces Sun-News article 1/3/2015)

On the Positive Side: County animal control focuses on outreach (Las Cruces Sun-News column 12/26/2014)

On the Positive Side: Humane Society celebrates a successful year (Las Cruces Sun-News column 12/12/2014)

On the Positive Side: Humane Society in the holiday spirit with area events (Las Cruces Sun-News column 11/28/2014)

MESILLA: Trustees explore feral cat program (Las Cruces Sun-News article 11/26/2014)

On the Positive Side: It took a while, but registered cat colonies are now legal (Las Cruces Sun-News column 11/14/2014)

New cats-only center to open (Las Cruces Sun-News article 11/12/2014)

Teachers create puppy-raising club for guide dog program (Las Cruces Sun-News article 11/11/2014)

On the Positive Side: Three paths are being plowed for progress (Las Cruces Sun-News column 10/31/2014)

Program Pairs Inmates, Dogs (Las Cruces Sun-News article 10/30/2014)

On the Positive Side: During the holidays, reap the benefits of pet relationships (Las Cruces Sun-News column 10/17/2014)

Coyote Attack Loss: Sonoma Ranch family grieves death of dog to fence-jumping coyote (Las Cruces Sun-News article 10/10/2014)

On the Positive Side: How you can help if you find a lost pet (Las Cruces Sun-News column 9/19/2014)

On the Positive Side: The small things continue to add up (Las Cruces Sun-News column 9/5/2014)

Councilors lean toward compromise on feral cats (Las Cruces Sun-News article 8/26/2014)

On the Positive Side : Many thanks to those who saved a kitty named Cupcake (Las Cruces Sun-News column 8/22/2014)

On the Positive Side: How Java made it home and why updating microchips is key (Las Cruces Sun-News column 8/8/2014)

On the Positive Side: Global support is seen for cat proliferation problem (Las Cruces Sun-News column 7/25/2014)

Building to house animals on track (Las Cruces Sun-News article 7/16/2014)

On the Positive Side: Host a microchipping ‘party’ in your neighborhood (Las Cruces Sun-News column 7/11/2014)

Puppy room gets forever facelift (Las Cruces Sun-News article 7/11/2014)

On the Positive Side: Proposed ordinance revision work session has issues (Las Cruces Sun-News column 6/27/2014)

Council revisits animal ordinance (Las Cruces Sun-News article 6/24/2014)

On the Positive Side: Spay/neuter, microchip clinics to be held in Sunland Park (Las Cruces Sun-News column 6/13/2014)

On the Positive Side: Spikey heads success stories that made my day (Las Cruces Sun-News column 5/30/2014)

On the Positive Side: Web of animal welfare initiatives grows (Las Cruces Sun-News column 5/16/2014)

On the Positive Side: Community cat management handbook available for download (Las Cruces Sun-News column 5/2/2014)

On the Positive Side: Project Save a Kitten hosts silent art auction (Las Cruces Sun-News column 4/18/2014)

On the Positive Side: Many involved in making positive impact (Las Cruces Sun-News column 4/4/2014)

On the Positive Side: Movement to resolve pet overpopulation continues (Las Cruces Sun-News column 3/21/2014)

Doña Ana County shelter cuts its euthanasia rate (Las Cruces Sun-News article 3/14/2014)

On the Positive Side: Finding new county pet licensing and permit information (Las Cruces Sun-News column 3/7/2014)

On the Positive Side: County has new pet licensing and permit requirements (Las Cruces Sun-News column 2/21/2014)

City councilors oppose predator hunting event (Las Cruces Sun-News article 2/19/2014)

Killing of dog angers family (Las Cruces Sun-News article 2/15/2014)

On the Positive Side: Recent happenings and upcoming events for animal advocates (Las Cruces Sun-News column 2/7/2014)

Council discusses feral cat proposal (Las Cruces Sun-News article 1/28/2014)

On the Positive Side: Don’t think that losing a pet can’t happen to you (Las Cruces Sun-News column 1/24/2014)

On the Positive Side: Starting the new year on a bright note (Las Cruces Sun-News column 1/10/2014)

On the Positive Side: Microchipping can provide peace of mind, even in loss (Las Cruces Sun-News column 12/27/2013)

On the Positive Side: Two steps in the right direction for animals (Las Cruces Sun-News column 12/13/2013)

County clears pet rule overhaul (Las Cruces Sun-News article 12/11/2013)

County pet rules may see change (Las Cruces Sun-News article 12/10/2013)

For the love of dog and country (Las Cruces Sun-News article 12/1/2013)

On the Positive Side: Pets and Santa photos cap a thankful year (Las Cruces Sun-News column 11/29/2013)

Service Animals: More than a pet (Las Cruces Sun-News article 11/30/2013)

On the Positive Side: Coalition for Pets and People recognized (Las Cruces Sun-News column 11/15/2013)

Attacks rampant at wild cat sanctuaries (Las Cruces Sun-News article 11/15/2013)

Mesquite woman gets probation for dog fighting (Las Cruces Sun-News article 11/6/2013)

Horse trainer will get 3rd trial (Las Cruces Sun-News article 11/5/2013)

Grand jury indicts man for allegedly choking, scalding 6-month-old kitten (Las Cruces Sun-News article 11/5/2013)

NEW MEXICO US judge clears way for domestic horse slaughter (Las Cruces Sun-News article 11/2/2013)

On The Positive Side: Help out Humane Society by volunteering time (Las Cruces Sun-News column 11/1/2013)

On the Positive Side: Animal shelter board and city discuss staff (Las Cruces Sun-News column 10/18/2013)

Animal control rules a work in progress (Las Cruces Sun-News article 10/16/2013)

Feral cat proposal to take center stage Tuesday (Las Cruces Sun-News article 10/13/2013)

Police dog’s fate raises hackles in wake of chief’s firing (Las Cruces Sun-News article 8/30/2013)

On The Positive Side: Seamless transition for spay and neuter programs celebrated (Las Cruces Sun-News column 10/4/2013)

On the Positive Side: You decide if the TNR method makes more sense (Las Cruces Sun-News column 9/20/2013)

On the Positive Side: Chaparral spay and neuter grant successfully ends (Las Cruces Sun-News column 9/6/2013)

Parvo cases spike (Las Cruces Sun-News article 8/30/2013)

On the Positive Side: Coalition votes for community cat program (Las Cruces Sun-News column 8/23/2013)

On the Positive Side: You can support HSSNM’s positive efforts (Las Cruces Sun-News column 8/9/2013)

Helping Our Horses: Las Cruces in need of equine protection fund program (Las Cruces Sun-News article 8/9/2013)

Groups in federal court to block horse slaughter (Las Cruces Sun-News article 8/3/2013)

On the Positive Side: We need a local wildlife rehabilitator (Las Cruces Sun-News column 7/26/2013)

On the Positive Side: Are you positively prepared for any disaster? (Las Cruces Sun-News column 7/12/2013)

On the Positive Side: Animal organizations weaving a blanket of success (Las Cruces Sun-News column 6/28/2013)

On the Positive Side: GO bond will be good for animals held by courts (Las Cruces Sun-News column 6/14/2013)

Dogs and cats would benefit from bond issue (Las Cruces Sun-News article 6/9/2013)

On The Positive Side: Local family violence and animal abuse focus (Las Cruces Sun-News column 5/31/2013)

Wildlife Center seeing more starving animals (Las Cruces Sun-News article 5/30/2013)

On the Positive Side: We should all be encouraging pet adoptions (Las Cruces Sun-News column 5/17/2013)

On the Positive Side: Do your part with second-chances fosters or adoptions (Las Cruces Sun-News column 5/3/2013)

On the Positive Side: Let the chips fall where they may (and often) (Las Cruces Sun-News column 4/19/2013)

Austin Texas American Pets Alive! Conference Attended by Las Crucens (Las Cruces Bulletin article 4/18/13)

Western environmentalists oppose wolf delisting (Las Cruces Sun-News article 3/28/2013)

NM Supreme Court finds that horse trainer can be tried 3rd time in beating death of colt (Las Cruces Sun-News article 3/26/2013)

Roswell horse slaughterer fired amid outrage over video (Las Cruces Sun-News article 3/23/2013)

On the Positive Side: New horizons in HSSNM humane education programs (Las Cruces Sun-News column 3/22/2013)

Las Cruces man charged with shooting German shepherd paid vet bill before his arrest (Las Cruces Sun-News article 3/22/2013)

Report: Animal Service Center of the Mesilla Valley kill rate drops in 2012 (Las Cruces Sun-News article 3/15/2013) Click here for full report

On the Positive Side: Another positive effort taking root in our county (Las Cruces Sun-News column 3/8/2013)

Proposed ban on coyote-killing contests defeated in NM House of Representatives (Las Cruces Sun-News article 2/27/2013)

On the Positive Side: Community help for animals involves all of us (Las Cruces Sun-News column 2/22/2013)

DA extends plea deal in Las Cruces animal cruelty case (Las Cruces Sun-News article 2/22/2013)

Slew of animal protection bills pending in NM (Las Cruces Sun-News article 2/19/2013)

Return of gray wolves to Southwest slow going (Las Cruces Sun-News article 2/15/2013)

On the Positive Side: We should all take the pledge for animals (Las Cruces Sun-News column 2/8/2013)

NM legislator introduces bill to ban animal-killing contests (Las Cruces Sun-News article 1/31/2013)

On the Positive Side: Continued animal welfare improvements in our community (Las Cruces Sun-News column 1/25/2013)

Alamogordo lawmaker’s bill would prohibit cities, counties from banning dog breeds (Las Cruces Sun-News article 1/16/2013)

On the Positive Side: Despite inclement weather, spay/neuter event a success (Las Cruces Sun-News column 1/11/2013)

On the Positive Side: Fewer words, more presence (Las Cruces Sun-News column 12/28/2012)

On the Positive Side: Micro-chipping pets: This plan is coming together (Las Cruces Sun-News column 12/14/2012)

Saving lost pets — Microchip scanner brings dogs home (Las Cruces Sun-News article 12/1/12)

On the Positive Side: Reports of progress and how you can help (Las Cruces Sun-News column 11/30/2012)

Fewer animals coming into Las Cruces animal shelter reduces kill rate (Las Cruces Sun-News article 11/22/12)

Chaparral couple pleads not guilty in cat hoarding case (Las Cruces Sun-News article 11/22/12)

No protesters, just 1 kill at NM coyote contest (Las Cruces Sun-News article 11/18/12)

On the Positive Side: Animal control departments take big step toward saving pets’ lives (Las Cruces Sun-News column 11/16/2012)

NM coyote hunt to continue; promoter pledges to salvage pelts for fur clothing (Las Cruces Sun-News article 11/15/12)

On the Positive Side: HSSNM becomes Good360 recipient partner (Las Cruces Sun-News column 11/2/2012)

  Pic Quik Donation  

Humane Society of Southern New Mexico (HSSNM) Spay and Neuter program got a boost from the local Las Cruces PicQuik Corporation.  Maryln Zahler , Vice President of HSSNM receives a check in the amount of $2,500.00 from Jason Sandoval, PicQuik Corporate Office Manager.  These funds will be used to support the Chaparral dog Spay and Neuter program currently underway.  This is in conjunction with the Coalition For Pets And People’s Zero in Seven campaign.

New Mexico coyote killing contest back on under new sponsor (Las Cruces Sun-News article 10/29/12)

NM shooting range cancels coyote killing contest(Las Cruces Sun-News article 10/20/12)

On the Positive Side: Growing spay and neuter events shaping up (Las Cruces Sun-News column 10/19/2012)

New Mexico shooting range to hold coyote killing contest (Las Cruces Sun-News article 10/18/12)

On the Positive Side: Animal Planet reality stars coming to Las Cruces (Las Cruces Sun-News column 10/5/2012)

On the Positive Side: Dogs with a positive place in history (Las Cruces Sun-News column 9/21/2012)

4-year-old Doña Ana County girl airlifted after dog attack (Las Cruces Sun-News article 9/15/12)

On the Positive Side: Sheltering Is Pointless…Until The Need Is Reduced (Las Cruces Sun-News column 9/7/2012)

On the Positive Side: Businesses aiding animals (Las Cruces Sun-News column 8/24/2012)

Warrant service ends with dog shot, suspect still at-large (Las Cruces Sun-News article 8/14/2013

On the Positive Side: Pet life saving resources are within easy reach (Las Cruces Sun-News column 8/10/2012)

Chaparral couple faces 115 counts in animal hoarding case (Las Cruces Sun-News article 8/3/2012)

On The Positive Side: Euthanasia Rates Dip At Animal Shelter (Las Cruces Sun-News column 7/27/2012)

New animal group helps reduce kill rate at shelter (Las Cruces Sun-News article 7/22/2012)

On the Positive Side: Coalition for Pets and People Invites You to Film Debut (Las Cruces Sun-News column 7/13/2012)

Event seeks to highlight plight of chained dogs (Las Cruces Sun-News article 7/1/2012)

Chaparral man disputes cat hoarding allegations (Las Cruces Sun-News article 7/1/2012)

On the Positive Side: The Making of a Canine Good Citizen (Las Cruces Sun-News column 6/29/2012)

Eighteen cats remain from 52 taken in Chaparral hoarding case (Las Cruces Sun-News article 6/28/2012)

52 cats seized, 9 later euthanized, from Chaparral home (Las Cruces Sun-News article 6/23/2012)

On the Positive Side: Did you know…? (Las Cruces Sun-News column 6/15/12)

Loose, stray dogs still attacking people, pets around Las Cruces (Las Cruces Sun-News article 6/15/2012)

Animal bites increasing in Doña Ana County (Las Cruces Sun-News article 6/4/2012)

On the Positive Side: APA’s Doña Ana Pets Alive! Campaign: It’s time for a change (Las Cruces Sun-News column 6/1/2012)

Animal control to crack down on owners of vicious dogs (Las Cruces Sun-News article 5/27/2012)

Pit bulls euthanized after Wednesday attack (Las Cruces Sun-News article 5/24/2012)

On the Positive Side: Coalition for Pets and People Breaks More Ground (Las Cruces Sun-News column 5/18/2012)

Are breed-specific laws needed for pit bulls? (Las Cruces Sun-News article 5/10/2012)

16-month-old girl killed by family's pit bull in Las Cruces (Las Cruces Sun-News article 5/9/2012)

On the Positive Side: A Comprehensive, Community-wide Strategy (Las Cruces Sun-News column 5/4/2012)

Bursting at the seams — City/county shelter overflowing with animals (Las Cruces Sun-News article 5/4/2012)

On the Positive Side: Documentary Brings Dog Community Together (Las Cruces Sun-News column 4/20/2012)

Inspector partly cleared in starving horses probe (Las Cruces Sun-News article 4/20/2012)

Valencia County sheriff joins NM starving horses probe (Las Cruces Sun-News article 4/19/2012)

Oxygen masks for man's best friend (Las Cruces Sun-News article 4/14/2012)

Las Cruces man nets year in jail for strangling puppy (Las Cruces Sun-News article 4/14/2012)

On the Positive Side: Cans 4 Critters Community Project (Las Cruces Sun-News column 4/6/2012)

On the Positive Side: Better Public Information Results at Animal Shelter (Las Cruces Sun-News column 3/30/2012)

On the Positive Side: Once You Select Dog or Cat, It's Time to Commit (Las Cruces Sun-News column 3/23/2012)

On the Positive Side: New Puppy, New Kitten? Think Before You Select, But Select (Las Cruces Sun-News column 3/16/2012)

On the Positive Side: Encouraging Innovation to Pet Welfare (Las Cruces Sun-News column 3/9/2012)

On the Positive Side: Anatomy of a Dog Bite (Las Cruces Sun-News column 3/2/2012)

On the Positive Side: Extraordinary Sheriff's Department Veterinarian (Las Cruces Sun-News column 2/24/2012)

On the Positive Side: Amazing Results in Albuquerque Animal Shelter (Las Cruces Sun-News column 2/17/2012)

On the Positive Side: The Benefits of Pet Micro-chips (Las Cruces Sun-News column 2/10/2012)

On the Positive Side: Children Learn to "Have a Heart for Chained Dogs" (Las Cruces Sun-News column 2/3/2012)

On the Positive Side: New Resident An Asset (Las Cruces Sun-News column 1/27/2012)

Man reports area pets poisoned (Las Cruces Sun-News article 1/26/2012)

On the Positive Side: Animal Safety Net Grows Stronger (Las Cruces Sun-News column 1/20/2012)

On the Positive Side: Assessment Team to be Assembled for Animal Shelter Evaluation (Las Cruces Sun-News column 1/13/2012)

On the Positive Side: Support for Amended Version of New Mexico Animal Cruelty Laws (Las Cruces Sun-News column 1/6/2012)

Kitten rescued from truck engine adopted (Las Cruces Sun-News article 12/31/2011)

On the Positive Side: Wrapping Up With the Holidays (Las Cruces Sun-News column 12/30/2011)

On the Positive Side: Finally, A Breath of Fresh Air (Las Cruces Sun-News column 12/23/2011)

Chimps bid farewell: Last of Coulston primates leave for Florida (Las Cruces Sun-News article 12/19/2011)

On the Positive Side: Animal Advocacy to Consider Proposal for Reducing Pet Euthanasia(Las Cruces Sun-News column 12/16/2011)

On the Positive Side: Cats, Dogs and GIS (Las Cruces Sun-News column 12/9/2011)

On the Positive Side: Lost and Found Department, Please (Las Cruces Sun-News column 12/2/2011)

On the Postive Side: Wild Bird Winter Tips (Las Cruces Sun-News column 11/25/2011)

Animal shelter turns documents over to Humane Society (Las Cruces Sun-News article 11/24/2011)

On the Positive Side: Final Event for Free Rabies Vaccination Grant (Las Cruces Sun-News column 11/18/2011)

NM Supreme Court hears animal cruelty case (Las Cruces Sun-News article 11/16/2011)

On the Positive Side: Humane Society Says Good Bye to Positive Force (Las Cruces Sun-News column 11/11/2011)

Military working dog to be honored in D.C. (Las Cruces Sun-News article 11/8/2011)

Future of fatal horse beating case goes to NM high court (Las Cruces Sun-News article 11/6/2011)

Humane society files lawsuit against shelter (Las Cruces Sun-News article 11/4/2011)

On the Positive Side: For the Love of Animals Talent Show (Las Cruces Sun-News column 11/4/2011)

On the Positive Side: Diggity Dog Reading (Las Cruces Sun-News column 10/28/2011)

Man arrested for neglect, death of dog (Las Cruces Sun-News article 10/25/2011)

On the Positive Side: Food Loyalty (Las Cruces Sun-News column 10/21/2011)

Dog owners jailed in fatal Easter mauling (Las Cruces Sun-News article 10/19/2011)

On the Positive Side: Local Corporations and Customer Show Concern (Las Cruces Sun-News column 10/14/2011)

On the Positive Side: Collaboration Contributes Care and Compliance (Las Cruces Sun-News column 10/7/2011)

On the Positive Side: Teaming Up for Animals (Las Cruces Sun-News column 9/30/2011)

Owner of dogs in fatal mauling cleared (Las Cruces Sun-News article 9/30/2011)

Court rules 'warrantless search' behind cat hoarding case (Las Cruces Sun-News article 9/28/2011)

On the Positive Side: Jaxon Leads Family Down Loving Path (Las Cruces Sun-News column 9/23/2011)

On The Positive Side: Community Chipping Away at Cat Concerns (Las Cruces Sun-News column 9/16/2011)

On the Positive Side: Animal Cruelty Investigations (Las Cruces Sun-News column 9/9/2011)

Nonprofit Group Wants To Use County's Animal Van (Albuquerque Journal article 9/7/11)

On The Positive Side: Determination and Compassion Gets Snooky Home Again (Las Cruces Sun-News column 9/2/2011)

Las Cruces floats low-cost pet medical center idea (Las Cruces Sun-News article 8/17/2011)

On The Positive Side: How Can You help This Stray? (Las Cruces Sun-News column 8/12/2011)

Animal advocates say shelter isn't working toward no-kill goals (Las Cruces Bulletin article 8/12/2011)

On The Positive Side: Mandatory Spay/Neuter – "A Good Thing!" (Las Cruces Sun-News column 8/5/2011)

On the Positive Side: Where is my lost pet? (Las Cruces Sun-News column 7/29/2011)

Bobcats still prowling Las Cruces neighborhoods (Las Cruces Sun-News article 7/23/2011)

NM Game Commission OKs end of ban on trapping (Las Cruces Sun-News article 7/22/2011)

New Mexico game officials to consider ending trapping ban (Las Cruces Sun-News article 7/21/2011)

Take steps to protect your pet (Las Cruces Sun-News article 7/19/2011)

Animal shelter euthanasia footage raises hackles (Las Cruces Sun-News article 7/17/2011)

On the Positive Side: Guidelines to raise the bar for New Mexico animal shelters (Las Cruces Sun-News column 7/15/2011)

Pit bull attack victim says harsher punishments needed (Las Cruces Sun-News article 7/15/2011)

Dog owner not charged with cruelty (Las Cruces Sun-News article 7/12/2011)

Charges undecided in fatal T or C mauling (Las Cruces Sun-News article 7/9/2011)

Search dog up for hero award (Las Cruces Sun-News article 7/8/2011)

On the Positive Side: Lobbying for Las Cruces cats (Las Cruces Sun-News column 7/1/2011)

On the Positive Side: Do your part to help curb cat killing in Las Cruces (Las Cruces Sun-News column 6/26/2011)

On the Positive Side: Neighbor's dog falls off the Radar (Las Cruces Sun-News column 6/19/2011)

On the Positive Side: The cats of Jerusalem add to its beauty (Las Cruces Sun-News column 6/12/2011)

On the Positive Side: Adopting a pet with problems: Gracie's entrance (Las Cruces Sun-News column 6/5/2011)

Minor citation for 'horrendous neglect (Las Cruces Sun-News article 6/3/2011)

On the Positive Side: A do-over for Mulligan (Las Cruces Sun-News column 5/22/2011)

On the Positive Side: Wildlife policy: Old and new paradigms (Las Cruces Sun-News column 5/22/2011)

Some seek ban on 3 types of trapping (Las Cruces Sun-News article 5/15/2011)

On the Positive Side: Predator control must include entire ecosystem (Las Cruces Sun-News column 5/15/2011)

Miss. pup heads back home after landing in LC (Las Cruces Sun-News article 5/11/2011)

City asks SNAP for more 'concrete' numbers (Las Cruces Sun-News article 5/10/2011)

Officials: Shelter's budget barking up wrong tree (Las Cruces Sun-News article 5/8/2011)

On the Positive Side: Meeting the need for a pet evacuation plan (Las Cruces Sun-News column 5/8/2011)

On the Positive Side: A spring story of renewal for Dilly (Las Cruces Sun-News column 5/1/2011)

Dog owners may face charges in woman's mauling death (Las Cruces Sun-News article 4/27/2011)

On the Positive Side: Spaying females key to reducing pet overpopulation (Las Cruces Sun-News column 4/24/2011)

Animal welfare proposals draw fire (Las Cruces Sun-News article 4/22/2011) To view the proposed ordinance, please click here.

On the Positive Side: Easter pets create problems the day after (Las Cruces Sun-News column 4/17/2011)

On the Positive Side: Bringing a new Lady into the family (Las Cruces Sun-News column 4/10/2011)

After 3 month journey, pooch returned to White Sands home (Las Cruces Sun-News article 4/10/2011)

Fewer animals killed at shelter (Las Cruces Sun-News article 4/8/2011)

On the Positive Side: Make sure to microchip your dog or cat (Las Cruces Sun-News column 4/3/2011)

On the Positive Side: SNAP plays key role in reducing overpopulation (Las Cruces Sun-News column 3/27/2011)

On the Positive Side: Fostering stray animals is part of the big picture (Las Cruces Sun-News column 3/20/2011)

On the Positive Side: Help line offers support for pets and their guardians (Las Cruces Sun-News column 3/1/2011)

On the Positive Side: 2010 seminar focused on enforcement of animal abuse laws (Las Cruces Sun-News column 3/6/2011)

Renovated kennel wing of animal shelter reopens (Las Cruces Sun-News article 3/4/2011)

On the Positive Side: Slow response to rattlesnake call frustrates (Las Cruces Sun-News column 2/27/2011)

On the Positive Side: Critter Connection and Snooter Club youth have hearts for chained dogs (Las Cruces Sun-News column 2/20/2011)

On the Positive Side: Clarification of rabies vaccination sought (Las Cruces Sun-News column 2/13/2011)

On the Positive Side: How do we deal with stray cats? (Las Cruces Sun-News column 2/6/2011)

Stray ward renovations begin at local animal shelter (Las Cruces Sun-News article 2/1/2011)

On the Positive Side: Public intervention can put halt to animal cruelty (Las Cruces Sun-News column 1/30/2011)

Humane Society: Rabies records still in dispute (Las Cruces Sun-News article 1/29/2011)

LCPD: Calls not ignored in puppy death (Las Cruces Sun-News article 1/28/2011)

Pup's death sparks call for change in laws (Las Cruces Sun-News article 1/27/2011)

Response questioned in puppy death incident (Las Cruces Sun-News article 1/27/2011)

Dead coyotes found strapped to BLM fence (Las Cruces Sun-News article 1/25/2011)

On the Positive Side: Like humans, animals that experience trauma can be helped (Las Cruces Sun-News column 1/23/2011)

On the Positive Side: Thinking outside the box can help solve our problems (Las Cruces Sun-News column 1/16/2011)

On the Positive Side: Responsibility to pets stretches beyond food and shelter (Las Cruces Sun-News column 1/9/2011)

Wandering horse turns up at woman's corral (Las Cruces Sun-News article 1/7/2011)

3 indicted in pair of animal cruelty cases (Las Cruces Sun-News article 1/7/2011)

On the Positive Side: Take steps to ensure your pet is found - like Bruno (Las Cruces Sun-News column 1/2/2011)

Request for rabies records a tall order: Animal advocates question Humane Society's motive (Las Cruces Sun-News article 12/27/2010)

On the Positive Side: Shelters adopt new standards (Las Cruces Sun-News column 12/26/2010)

Man allegedly starved animals (Las Cruces Sun-News article 12/22/2010)

Woman's toes eaten by animals (Las Cruces Sun-News article 12/22/2010)

On the Positive Side: Stories about cold winters teach us about keeping pets warm (Las Cruces Sun-News column 12/19/2010)

On the Positive Side: Christmas Eve mess almost leaves Snooter out in the cold (Las Cruces Sun-News column 12/12/2010)

On the Positive Side: All I want for Christmas is a few good volunteers (Las Cruces Sun-News column 12/5/2010)

On the Positive Side: What's fair for the chimps of the Alamogordo Primate Facility? (Las Cruces Sun-News column 11/28/2010)

On the Positive Side: Thanks to all our animal advocates (Las Cruces Sun-News column 11/21/2010)

Favorable inspection for animal shelter (Las Cruces Sun-News article 11/19/2010)

New TV show hopes to help pet owners (Las Cruces Sun-News article 11/17/2010)

On the Positive Side: Tickets to 'Cockeyed' will benefit HSSNM (Las Cruces Sun-News column 11/14/2010)

Animal Control officer sweeps worry pet owners (Las Cruces Sun-News article 11/8/2010)

On the Positive Side: When is a Rescue? How Far Will You Go? (Las Cruces Sun-News column 11/7/2010)

On the Positive Side: Spaying vs. neutering (Las Cruces Sun-News column 10/31/2010)

On the Positive Side: Of rats, mice and men (Las Cruces Sun-News column 10/24/2010)

On the Positive Side: PetSmart Charities and HSSNM save lives (Las Cruces Sun-News column 10/17/2010)

2 sought in dog-shootings (Las Cruces Sun-News article 10/14/2010)

On the Positive Side: Animals and animal technology (Las Cruces Sun-News column 10/10/2010)

On the Positive Side: Fostering stray animals a part of the big picture (Las Cruces Sun-News column 10/3/2010)

Event aims for happier, healthier pet population (Las Cruces Sun-News article 9/29/2010)

On the Positive Side: Rabies in retreat: Vaccination clinic in Las Cruces (Las Cruces Sun-News column 9/26/2010)

Chimps' future prompts debate over NM primate lab (Las Cruces Sun-News article 9/20/2010)

Animal activists applaud repairs at shelter (Las Cruces Sun-News article 9/20/2010)

On the Positive Side: Have a new dog? Get off to a good start (Las Cruces Sun-News column 9/19/2010)

State Police on the scent of possible dognapping (Las Cruces Sun-News article 9/18/2010)

Dog stolen at knifepoint returned to 79-year-old good Samaritan (Las Cruces Sun-News article 9/14/2010)

On the Positive Side: Las Cruces teen becomes advocate for animals (Las Cruces Sun-News column 9/12/2010)

On the Positive Side: Some pet procedures were in place ahead of Hurricane Katrina (Las Cruces Sun-News column 9/5/2010)

On the Positive Side: When Gary Met Solest (Las Cruces Sun-News column 8/29/2010)

On the Positive Side: Companionship is for keeps (Las Cruces Sun-News column 8/22/2010)

On the Positive Side: Communities should be aware of animal hoarding signs (Las Cruces Sun-News column 8/15/2010)

On the Positive Side: How should we act near a service dog? (Las Cruces Sun-News column 8/8/2010)

On the Positive Side: No-kill policy has many success stories (Las Cruces Sun-News column 8/1/2010)

Cooperation seen as key for animal cruelty prevention (Las Cruces Sun-News article July 28, 2010)

On The Positive Side: People, shelters must be on same page in their definition of 'no-kill' (Las Cruces Sun-News column 7/25/2010)

On The Positive Side: Best policies: Adoption, spaying, neutering (Las Cruces Sun-News column 7/18/2010)

On the Positive Side: Older dogs a good fit for older people (Las Cruces Sun-News column 7/11/2010)

On the Positive Side: Decision to use service dog not to be taken lightly (Las Cruces Sun-News column 7/4/2010)

On the Positive Side: Law says service dogs not same as therapy dogs (Las Cruces Sun-News column 6/27/2010)

Dog-wash fundraiser cleans up (Las Cruces Sun-News article 6/27/2010)

Animal shelter project runs out of money (Las Cruces Sun-News article 6/15/2010)

On the Positive Side: A best-practices method for cats helps all (Las Cruces Sun-News column 6/13/2010)

On the Positive Side: Sam's story: Distinguished dog helps saves petsitter (Las Cruces Sun-News column 6/6/2010)

Shelter director's contract extended (Las Cruces Sun-News article 6/4/2010)

More complaints surface about animal shelter (Las Cruces Sun-News article 6/3/2010)

On The Positive Side: Companion Animals: Take First Step (Las Cruces Sun-News column 5/30/2010)

Program focuses on bond between humans, animals (Las Cruces Sun-News article 5/30/2010)

On The Positive Side: Be careful not to leave a pet in the car (Las Cruces Sun-News column 5/23/2010)

On the Positive Side: The rescue greyhound (Las Cruces Sun-News column 5/16/2010)

Horse Sense: Horses help kids to heal, grow (Las Cruces Sun-News article 5/12/2010)

On The Positive Side: Horses can be helpful in both therapy, education (Las Cruces Sun-News column 5/9/2010)

Dog-fighting suspected after 25 dogs are seized in Chaparral (Las Cruces Sun-News article 5/8/2010)

Cases of equine abuse appear to be rising in NM (Las Cruces Sun-News article 5/6/2010)

Long road to no-kill: Shelter director says the goal is still possible (Las Cruces Sun-News article 5/3/2010)

On the Positive Side: Taffy’s gone, but her memory lives on (Las Cruces Sun-News column 5/2/2010)

On the Positive Side: Annual adoption event (Las Cruces Sun-News column 4/25/2010)

NM health officials say plague found in dogs, cats (Las Cruces Sun-News article 4/19/2010)

Owners have options for pets who’ve passed (Las Cruces Sun-News article 4/19/2010)

On the Positive Side: Site helps adopt animals (Las Cruces Sun-News column 4/18/2010)

Puppies in Peril (Las Cruces Sun-News article 4/10/2010)

Horsehair-thief strikes NMSU (Las Cruces Sun-News article 4/8/2010)

On the Positive Side: “Mrs. Crump’s Cat” good book for kids (Las Cruces Sun-News column 4/4/2010)

On the Positive Side: Animal Control offers free pet education series to groups (Las Cruces Sun-News column 3/28/2010)

On the Positive Side: Walking your dog win-win proposition (Las Cruces Sun-News column 3/21/2010)

Dozens of dogs seized in Hidalgo County animal cruelty case (Las Cruces Sun-News article 3/15/2010)

On the Positive Side: Safe Haven sanctuary helps homeless animals (Las Cruces Sun-News column 3/14/2010)

On the Positive Side: Seminar to provide training about cases of animal abuse (Las Cruces Sun-News column 3/7/2010)

Las Cruces animal shelter improving, but not perfect yet (Las Cruces Sun-News article 3/5/2010)

On the Positive Side: Ordinary pets often can have extraordinary impact on people (Las Cruces Sun-News column 2/21/2010)

On the Positive Side: NM Dachshund Rescue provides for dogs in need (Las Cruces Sun-News column 2/21/2010)

On the Positive Side: ACTion for Animals reaches out to area (Las Cruces Sun-News column 2/14/2010)

Seized pitbulls up for adoption (Las Cruces Sun-News article 2/13/2010)

On the Positive Side: On the Positive Side: Ownership, welfare and profit key issues (Las Cruces Sun-News column 2/7/2010)

On the Positive Side: Therapaws program offers companions (Las Cruces Sun-News column 1/31/2010)

Shelter proposes trap, neuter, release for feral cats (Las Cruces Sun-News article 1/31/2010)

On the Positive Side: Awareness campaign targets chained dogs (Las Cruces Sun-News column 1/24/2010)

On the Positive Side: New program informs Doña Ana County breeders of their obligations (Las Cruces Sun-News column 1/17/2010)

Las Cruces pooches receive blessings at annual event (Las Cruces Sun-News article 1/17/2010)

Puppies find homes, but Las Cruces shelter still overwhelmed (Las Cruces Sun-News article 1/16/2010)

Shelter head has to make tough choices as puppies inundate facility (Las Cruces Sun-News article 1/10/2010)

On the Positive Side: One poodle’s success story can help other animals find a home (Las Cruces Sun-News column 1/3/2010)

Prison dogs get pardon, to retire to handlers’ homes (Las Cruces Sun-News article 1/2/2010)

Corrections facility’s drug-sniffing dogs sent to Santa Fe (Las Cruces Sun-News article 12/31/2009)

On the Positive Side: Animal service projects in the new year to connect with kids (Las Cruces Sun-News column 12/27/2009)

Scott brothers raise hackles in shelter crowd (Las Cruces Sun-News article 12/23/2009)

Group to protest dogs’ return to owners (Las Cruces Sun-News article 12/22/2009)

On the positive side: Calendar project brings art, businesses together to benefit animal shelter (Las Cruces Sun-News column 12/20/2009)

Dogs seized in Scott brothers investigation face uncertain future (Las Cruces Sun-News article 12/19/2009)

El Paso brothers pick up pit bulls (Las Cruces Sun-News article 12/16/2009)

Scott brothers getting dogs back (Las Cruces Sun-News article 12/14/2009)

Take steps to keep your pet safe, well this holiday season (Las Cruces Sun-News column 12/13/2009)

Search continues for hero dog Zulu (Las Cruces Sun-News article 12/10/2009)

Veterinarians warn of canine flu (Las Cruces Sun-News article 12/8/2009)

On the positive side: Foster family is best gift for homeless dog (Las Cruces Sun-News column 12/6/2009)

Hiker’s dog kept him warm, ran away (Las Cruces Sun-News article 12/6/2009)

Shelter head evaluated (Las Cruces Sun-News article 12/2/2009)

Animal shelter is filling up rapidly (Las Cruces Sun-News article 11/24/2009)

On the Positive Side: Spay-Neuter is Primary Answer to Community’s Pet Overpopulation Problem (Las Cruces Sun-News column 11/22/2009)

Mesilla couple could face 106 years in jail in animal hoarding case (Las Cruces Sun-News article 11/20/2009)

On the Positive Side: Horses As Teachers - Living the “Herd Way” (Las Cruces Sun-News column 11/15/2009)

On the Positive Side: HSSNM sharpens philosophy, programs (Las Cruces Sun-News column 11/8/2009)

On the Positive Side: November is Adopt-A-Senior Pet Month (Las Cruces Sun-News column 11/1/2009)

On the Positive Side: Help line provides animal advice, information (Las Cruces Sun-News column 10/25/2009)

On the Positive Side: Volunteers save lives (Las Cruces Sun-News column 10/18/2009)

On the Positive Side: PetSmart Charities, HSSNM bring pets, people together (Las Cruces Sun-News column 10/11/2009)

Mother, son may face more dogfighting charges (Las Cruces Sun-News article 10/10/2009)

Animal Services Center of the Mesilla Valley loses veterinarian (Las Cruces Sun-News article 10/8/2009)

On the Positive Side: Volunteer to help shelter pets (Las Cruces Sun-News column 10/4/2009)

On the Positive Side: Food bank helps feed area’s needy animals (Las Cruces Sun-News column 9/27/2009)

In Las Cruces, deaf teen, dog reunited (Las Cruces Sun-News article 9/24/2009)

On the Positive Side: McConnel estate benefits animals (Las Cruces Sun-News column 9/20/2009)

On the Positive Side: Local heroes give two cats a second chance (Las Cruces Sun-News column 9/13/2009)

On the Positive Side: SNAP golf tournament a success (Las Cruces Sun-News column 9/6/2009)

On the positive side: Children’s stories can teach valuable pet lessons (Las Cruces Sun-News column 8/30/2009)

Golfers take swing at raising spay-and-neuter funds (Las Cruces Sun-News article 8/30/2009)

On the positive side: Dealing with the feral cat problem (Las Cruces Sun-News column 8/16/2009)

APA’s cash raffle winner (Las Cruces Sun-News article 8/20/2009)

cash raffle\

On the positive side: Sanctuary serves beagles, basset hounds (Las Cruces Sun-News column 8/16/2009)

Animal shelter has new Web site (Las Cruces Sun-News article 8/10/2009)

Military working dog adoption group finds homes for retired K9s (Las Cruces Sun-News article 8/10/2009)

On the positive side: Animal groups celebrate success (Las Cruces Sun-News column 8/9/2009)

Hackles raised during shelter meeting (Las Cruces Sun-News article 8/7/2009)

Fur may fly at animal shelter meeting (Las Cruces Sun-News article 8/6/2009)

Brothers accused of dog fighting operation allege violation of rights (Las Cruces Sun-News article 8/2/2009)

On the Positive Side: Therapaws connects the ill with furry friends (Las Cruces Sun-News column 8/2/2009)

Las Cruces group seeks pet food donations (Las Cruces Sun-News article 7/24/2009)

City votes to get Animal Services pet adoptions back at Farmers Market (Las Cruces Sun-News article 7/21/2009)

On the Positive Side: Opportunities abound for animal lovers in Las Cruces (Las Cruces Sun-News column 7/19/2009)

Council to mull animal rules (Las Cruces Sun-News article 7/19/2009)

Animal activists don chains to show the plight of dogs (Las Cruces Sun-News article 7/12/2009)

Dogs Deserve Better Michel Meunier (left) and Linda Jackson chain themselves to a dog house to demonstrate against the cruelty of leaving dogs chained.

On the Positive Side: Community key to helping shelter (Las Cruces Sun-News column 7/12/2009)

On the Positive Side: Conference inspires animal advocates (Las Cruces Sun-News column 7/5/2009)

Dog fighting case seems poised to favor defendants (Las Cruces Sun-News article7/5/2009)

Exotic-breed cats transferred to Arizona animal shelter (Las Cruces Sun-News article 6/22/2009)

On the Positive Side: There’s a lot to love about pit bulls (Las Cruces Sun-News column 6/21/2009)

Our View: Still too many animals at shelter are euthanized (Las Cruces Sun-News editorial 6/21/2009)

Donations save 56 Doña Ana County dogs from euthanization (Las Cruces Sun-News article 6/19/2009)

Confiscated dogs force others to be euthanized to make room at shelter (Las Cruces Sun-News article 6/18/2009)

On the Positive Side: Annual fundraiser benefits animals in Doña Ana County (Las Cruces Sun-News column 6/14/2009)

On the Positive Side: Gas chamber ban a step forward for animals (Las Cruces Sun-News column 6/7/2009)

On the Positive Side: Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary Thrift Store (Las Cruces Sun-News column 5/31/2009)

Doña Ana County-Las Cruces animal shelter seeks homes for just-orphaned exotic cats (Las Cruces Sun-News article 6/5/2009)

Overwhelmed residents have animals removed from their homes(Las Cruces Sun-News article 6/4/2009)

City tells animal shelter to stop Downtown Mall adoptions (Las Cruces Sun-News article 5/30/2009)

On the "Pawsitive" side: Volunteering as an animal rescue driver is rewarding work (Las Cruces Sun-News column 5/17/2009)

On the "Pawsitive" side: Humane work good for the human heart (Las Cruces Sun-News column 5/17/2009)

On the "Pawsitive" side: Group works to rescue golden retrievers (Las Cruces Sun-News column 5/10/2009)

On the "Pawsitive" side:2009 Animal Care Expo draws big crowd (Las Cruces Sun-News column 5/3/2009)

Governor Richardson Signs Spay/Neuter License Plate Law. Beginning July 1, $25 of the $37 paid by New Mexicans for a special "spay/neuter" license plate will go to spaying and neutering programs in the purchaser's county. Click here for full information.


The true value of humane education (Las Cruces Sun-News column 4/26/2009)

Las Cruces City Council approves rules for soon-to-open dog park (Las Cruces Sun-News article 4/22/2009) Click for Rules and regulations that will apply to the new dog park

On the "Pawsitive" side: NMSU sets example with feral cats (Las Cruces Sun-News column 4/19/2009)

ACTion Programs for Animals (APA) to launch a pet food bank in June (press release dated 4/15/2009)

Las Crucens peck at chicken issue (Las Cruces Sun-News article 4/14/2009)

On the "Pawsitive" side: National no-kill successes show some hope for a positive future (Las Cruces Sun-News column 4/12/2009)

CLUCK petitions Las Cruces to change chicken law (Las Cruces Sun-News article 4/7/2009)

Las Crucen alleges dog was improperly euthanized, files notice of tort claim with city (Las Cruces Sun-News article 4/5/2009)

On the "Pawsitive" side: Animal groups working to bring more change (Las Cruces Sun-News column 4/5/2009)

Animal center: Maintain efforts (Las Cruces Sun-News editorial 4/5/2009)

Cockfighting operations busted (Las Cruces Sun-News article 4/5/2009)

Pet licensing fee and microchipping sought (Las Cruces Sun-News article 4/3/2009)

Animal shelter revenue half what was expected (Las Cruces Sun-News article 4/1/2009) Read a copy of the agenda for Thursday’s board meeting of the Animal Services Center of the Mesilla Valley.

Animal lesgislation update (message from Heather Ferguson 3/30/2009) Click here for the full newsletter from Animal Protection Voters.

On the "Pawsitive" side: Animal board set to meet in Albuquerque (Las Cruces Sun-News column 3/29/2009)

On the "Pawsitive" side: 'For the HeART of animals' fundraising event scheduled(Las Cruces Sun-News column 3/15/2009)

On the "Pawsitive" side: Legislature looks to protect NM’s animal population (Las Cruces Sun-News column 3/8/2009)

On the "Pawsitive" side: New coalition seeks positive ACTion for animals (Las Cruces Sun-News column 3/1/2009) Click here for event flyer.


Help Could Be Near for N.M. Pets, Horses (Albuquerque Journal editorial 2/15/2009)

Veterinarians see uptick in distemper cases from animal shelter (Las Cruces Sun-News article 2/13/2009) To go to the Web site for Animal Services Center of the Mesilla Valley, click here. To view the Animal Health Channel distemper page, click here.

Construction under way on park for pooches (Las Cruces Sun-News article 2/11/2009)
To see a schematic design of dog park, click here. To visit the Las Cruces Dog Park Coalition Web site, click here.

On the "Pawsitive" side: Find love in time for Valentine's Day (Las Cruces Sun-News column 2/7/2009)

Animal shelter expenses increase (Las Cruces Sun-News article 2/6/2009)

No jail time for Anthony man convicted of dogfighting (Las Cruces Sun-News article 2/6/2009)

MMC lease prompts city to cut SNAP funding (Las Cruces Sun-News article 2/4/2009)

On the "Pawsitive" Side: Volunteer help with animal control (Las Cruces Sun-News column 2/1/2009)

On the "Pawsitive" Side: Augie Doggie finds a home (Las Cruces Sun-News column 1/25/2009)

Jury acquits horse trainer (Las Cruces Sun-News article 1/25/2009)

Action Programs for Animals (press release dated 1/21/2009)

On the "Pawsitive" Side: Treat the root causes of animal overpopulation (Las Cruces Sun-News column 1/18/2009)

Dog-fighting verdict a first in NM (Las Cruces Sun-News article 1/16/2009)

On the "Pawsitive" Side: Managing cat colonies hard (Las Cruces Sun-News column 1/11/2009)

First board meeting set for animal shelter (Las Cruces Sun-News article 1/10/2009)
(see also the HSSNM calendar)

In a SNAP (Las Cruces Sun-News article 1/10/2009)

On the "Pawsitive" Side: Working together in the Mesilla Valley (Las Cruces Sun-News column 1/4/2009)

SNAP still working for city (Las Cruces Sun-News article 12/30/2008)

Spay and Neuter Program to lose city funds (Las Cruces Sun-News article 12/22/2008)

A cause for paws: Christmas can be a great time to add a four-legged friend to the family (Las Cruces Sun-News article 12/21/2008)

On the "Pawsitive" Side: A Christmas story about a friend to man and animals (Las Cruces Sun-News column 12/21/2008)

On the "Pawsitive" Side: Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary a no-kill option (Las Cruces Sun-News column 12/14/2008)

Veterinarian hired for Animal Services Center of the Mesilla Valley (Las Cruces Sun-News article 12/14/2008)

On the "Pawsitive" Side: Spay and neuter van to snap into action around the community (Las Cruces Sun-News column 12/7/2008)

Dog park funds: Use it or lose it (Las Cruces Sun-News editorial 12/4/2008)

Las Cruces dog park on the horizon (Las Cruces Sun-News article 12/2/2008)

On the "Pawsitive" Side: Progress made on animal welfare, but still a long way to go (Las Cruces Sun-News column 11/30/2008

On the "Pawsitive" Side: Volunteers help adopt animals (Las Cruces Sun-News column 11/23/2008

On the "Pawsitive" Side: Come to the shelter and adopt a pet (Las Cruces Sun-News column 11/16/2008

Va. boy uses birthday to raise funds for area animals (Las Cruces Sun-News article 11/16/2008)

On the "Pawsitive" Side: Get involved helping our animals (Las Cruces Sun-News column 11/9/2008)

On the "Pawsitive" Side (Las Cruces Sun-News column 10/26/2008)

Day of the Dead pet altar at Mesilla Plaza (HSSNM press release 10/23/2008)

Dia de Los Muertos Dia de Los Muertos 2008
HSSNM's offering to honor our four legged family members and those that died without a family, Dia De Los Muertos at Mesilla Plaza, November 8, 2008.

My view: Not everything is black and white at the shelter (Las Cruces Sun-News editorial 10/23/2008)

Public officials support animal shelter chief (Las Cruces Sun-News article 10/22/2008)

Animal shelter euthanasia rate remains high (Las Cruces Sun-News article 10/20/2008)

Missing cat brings scrutiny to animal shelter practices (Las Cruces Sun-News article 10/20/2008)

On the "Pawsitive" Side (Las Cruces Sun-News column 10/19/2008)

Best Buy Awards $3000 TagTeam Grant to Humane Society of Southern New Mexico (press release dated 10/7/2008)

Best Buy Grant

On the "Pawsitive" Side (Las Cruces Sun-News column 10/12/2008)

On the "Pawsitive" Side (Las Cruces Sun-News column 10/5/2008)

Humane Society hotline to take cruelty, neglect complaints (Las Cruces Sun-News article 9/28/2008)

On the "Pawsitive" Side (Las Cruces Sun-News column 9/28/2008)

Animal No-Kill Solution Sought (Las Cruces Sun-News article 9/25/2008)

On the "Pawsitive" Side (Las Cruces Sun-News column 9/14/2008)

Shelter needs help with more animals (Las Cruces Sun-News article 9/9/2008)

On the "Pawsitive" Side (Las Cruces Sun-News column 9/7/2008)

Adoption options: Specific breed? Mutt? Your perfect pet awaits (Las Cruces Sun-News article 9/6/2008)

On the "Pawsitive" Side (Las Cruces Sun-News column 8/31/2008)

On the "Pawsitive" Side (Las Cruces Sun-News column 8/24/2008)

Three new members selected for Humane Society board (Las Cruces Sun-News article 8/22/2008)

On the "Pawsitive" Side (Las Cruces Sun-News column 8/17/2008)

On the "Pawsitive" Side (Las Cruces Sun-News column 8/10/2008)

Las Cruces City Council OKs deals on animal shelter, Sapphire Energy (Las Cruces Sun-News article 8/5/2008; for full text of the Joint Powers Agreement, click here)

HSSNM Benefits from Local Businessman (HSSNM press release dated 8/4/2008)

City council to vote on animal center agreement with county (Las Cruces Sun-News article 8/3/2008)

On the "Pawsitive" Side (Las Cruces Sun-News column 8/3/2008)

Public is getting the message (Las Cruces Sun-News column 7/27/2008)

Animal activists dogging officials about animal shelter (Las Cruces Sun-News article 7/25/2008)

Prescription for Health: Pet of the Week (featured on KSNM 570 radio program with Chris Minnick and Michele Berendsen, broadcast Wednesdays from 4 to 6 p.m.)

On the "Pawsitive" Side (Las Cruces Sun-News column 7/20/2008)

City, county to create interim animal shelter advisory panel (Las Cruces Sun-News article 7/18/2008)

Mesilla Valley animal shelter on table for joint meeting (Las Cruces Sun-News article 7/16/2008)

On the "Pawsitive" Side (Las Cruces Sun-News column 7/13/2008)

Shelter's quest for no-kill status draws more animals (Las Cruces Sun-News article 6/29/2008)

On the "Pawsitive" Side (Las Cruces Sun-News column 6/29/2008)

County delays shelter decision (Las Cruces Sun-News article 6/25/2008)

Animal shelter at top of agenda (Las Cruces Sun-News article 6/23/2008)

On the "Pawsitive" Side (Las Cruces Sun-News column 6/8/2008)

On the "Pawsitive" Side (Las Cruces Sun-News column 6/1/2008)

On the "Pawsitive" Side (Las Cruces Sun-News column 5/25/2008)

The Morning Show with Alan Riehl / Dr. Beth Vesco-Mock, Frank Bryce, and Mike Hainer (link to audio feed from KSNM AM 570 radio broadcast 5/21/2008)

On the "Pawsitive" Side (Las Cruces Sun-News column 5/18/2008)

No-Kill Confusion (Las Cruces Sun-News letter to the editor 5/18/2008)

On the "Pawsitive" Side (Las Cruces Sun-News column 5/11/2008)

New animal shelter director takes charge, plans transition to no-kill facility (Las Cruces Sun-News article 5/4/2008)

On the "Pawsitive" Side (Las Cruces Sun-News column 5/4/2008)

Volunteer Veterinarians Bring Their Skills to Rural American Indian Communities (Albuquerque Journal article 5/4/2008)

On the "Pawsitive" Side (Las Cruces Sun-News column 4/27/2008)

On the "Pawsitive" Side (Las Cruces Sun-News column 4/20/2008)

No-kill shelter goal of new director (Las Cruces Sun-News article 4/16/2008)

Georgia veterinarian named animal shelter director (Las Cruces Sun-News article 4/12/2008)

The Morning Show with Alan Riehl/Mike Hainer and Frank Bryce from the SNM Humane Society and LC City Manager Terrance Moore (link to audio feed from KSNM AM 570 radio broadcast 4/11/2008)

Names in the News: Ray Powell visits Roots and Shoots (Las Cruces Sun-News article 4/10/2008)

ray powell

Top row, from left, are Clint Ziehl, executive director of the Boys and Girls Club of Las Cruces, Mike Hainer, president of the Humane Society of Southern New Mexico, Ray Powell, regional director of Roots and Shoots, Ken Hoeksema, president of the Boys and Girls Club, and Councilor Sharon Thomas. And members of the local chapter of Roots and Shoots program. (Courtesy photo)

Volunteers needed (Las Cruces Sun-News letter to the editor 4/6/2008)

On the "Pawsitive" Side (Las Cruces Sun-News column 4/6/2008)

More need to speak up (Las Cruces Sun-News letter to the editor 3/30/2008)

On the "Pawsitive Side" (Las Cruces Sun-News column 3/30/2008)

Ray Powell visits Las Cruces Roots and Shoots (press release 3/25/2008)

On the "Pawsitive" Side (Las Cruces Sun-News column 3/23/2008)

Trap-neuter release facts (Las Cruces Sun-News letter to the editor 3/3/2008)

Trap-neuter-release misinformation (Las Cruces Sun-News letter to the editor 2/29/2008)

Volunteers needed (press release 2/28/2008)

Guest Editorial in Las Cruces Sun News—Animal Shelter Needs Paradigm/Philosophy Shift (2/27/2008)


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