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Shelter dogs’ prison stay leads to new lives (Las Cruces Sun-News article 2/3/2017)

On the Positive Side: Spay, neuter bill introduced for New Mexico (Las Cruces Sun-News column 1/20/2017)

On the Positive Side: Guide can help with animal rescues (Las Cruces Sun-News column 1/6/2017)

On the Positive Side: Thanks to all who make community better place (Las Cruces Sun-News column 12/23/2016)

On the Positive Side: Sharing successful strategies from El Paso (Las Cruces Sun-News column 12/9/2016)

On the Positive Side: Good Samaritans start animal-saving process (Las Cruces Sun-News column 11/25/2016)

On the Positive Side: Chipping away: Enhancing the return of pets (Las Cruces Sun-News column 11/11/2016)

On the Positive Side: Coalition for Pets and People grant nears end Las Cruces Sun-News column 10/28/2016)

On the Positive Side: Trap-neuter-return takes time, but it can work (Las Cruces Sun-News column 10/14/2016)

On the Positive Side: El Paso shelter director shares no-kill goals (Las Cruces Sun-News column 9/30/2016)

On the Positive Side: Animal education program teaches compassion (Las Cruces Sun-News column 9/16/2016)

On the Positive Side: Pet overpopulation in our county is no mystery (Las Cruces Sun-News column 9/2/2016)

On the Positive Side: Ones who do heavy lifting often overlooked (Las Cruces Sun-News column 8/19/2016)

On the Positive Side: Four days of spay and neuter (Las Cruces Sun-News column 8/5/2016)

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