Mission & Goals  

To develop and sustain a Community Coalition of allied organizations and members of the community for the purpose of saving the lives of healthy and treatable animals.

To support and assist the many individual programs or organizations that play a critical role in reducing euthanasia.


Goal #1: Help Increase Adoption of Animals from Shelters

  • Assist in developing multiple Adoption sites in Doña Ana County and Southern New Mexico.
  • Help organize systems for animal rescue in Southern New Mexico.
  • Promote implementation of “best practices” like micro-chipping of animals for return and placements.

Goal #2: Help Decrease the Killing of Healthy Companion Animals

  • Support the return to owner of lost pets.
    Support the adoption of abandoned or unwanted companion animals.
  • Support the widespread and affordable altering of companion animals.
  • Help the community implement the changes needed one step at a time.

Goal #3: Help Implement "Best Practices"

  • Support community education about the number of animals and costs of pet overpopulations and the euthanizing of healthy companion animals. Expose the Problem!
  • Facilitate implementation of best practices in companion animal ownership, and in the operation of our public animal welfare systems.
  • Sponsor and facilitate an annual Southern New Mexico Summit on best practices with allied organizations.
  • Facilitate an annual Gala Affair and Celebration of the successful work of allied organizations.
HSSNM Bylaws - please click for downloadable PDF  

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